Green Burial at Vale

Vale is Green Certified

Before the days of formaldehyde, fancy caskets, and all the other accouterments of the “American Way of Death,” death was much simpler.Typically, the loved one was washed, placed in a wooden coffin, wrapped in a blanket, a coffin-size wicker basket or some other type of container and then buried without a vault.

For many years, that simplicity has gone by the wayside as death has moved from family “parlors” to commercial funeral homes. But things are changing. Increasingly, people are opting for green or “natural” burial, harkening back to those simpler times.

Still in development, “The Dell” will feature a blue-stone path, antique wrought-iron fencing along one side, and a handicapped-accessible ramp overseeing the meadow.

In addition, The Dell will not have insecticides or herbicide applications. Weeping willows and flower-ing fruit trees were planted. Mowing will be only twice each summer and will be done to discourage growth of saplings.

Mowing "The Dell" at Vale Cemetery.
Mowing "The Dell" at Vale Cemetery.

Designed by architect and Vale board member Frank Gilmore, “The Dell” has nearly 200 plots for those wishing to make the smallest environmental footprint possible upon their death.

Grave sites are available for $600.00.

If desired by the deceased, a simple marker, such as natural granite or a small bronze plaque (not larger than 14" x 16") may mark the grave.

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