Civil War Records

Many Civil War veterans, all heroes, are buried at Vale.

Name Sec/Plot/Grave
AHREETS, Marquis P/4/
AMEND, Franz . Carried on roster as "Francis" N/GAR Plot/3
BABCOCK, William N/GAR Plot/11
BARHYDT, George L/2/217
BAUDER, Isaac N/GAR Plot/33
BRADT, Henry L//4
BROWN, Clinton M/3/30
CASEY, James G/G-13/
CHILDERS, William F//23
CHRISTANCE, Francis N//26A
CHRISTIAN, Henry I/2/17
COHEN, Lewis . Carried on roster as "Louis" G/G-72/
COOK, Norman N/GAR Plot/
CORL, Robert A/28/
DALEY, Daniel Q//29
De La MONTANYE, James N/GAR Plot/13
DEEBY (Deitz), Jacob N/GAR Plot/11
DEREAMER, William U/156/
DOLLARD, William N/GAR Plot/37
DUANE, James M/3/7
DURYEA (Carried on roster as "Duryee"), Isaac P/39/
EISENMENGER, Frederich M/1/238
EISENMENGER . Cariied on roster of 134th NY Infantry as "Ferdinand Eisenmenger" . Cariied on roster of 102nd NY Infantry as "Frederick, Frederich M/1/238
ERNST, Louis N/GAR Plot/23
FRANCHOT, Richard M//92
FURMAN, Robert M//172
GRECHENECK, George N/GAR Plot/11
GREGORY, Orville K/23/12
GRIFFIS, William I/2/
HALL, John N/GAR Plot/20
HARRIS, William /Colored Plot/
HAVERLEY, John N/GAR Plot/26
HORSFALL, William Q/27/
IDE (Carried on roster as "Ihde"), Frederick (Carried on roster as "Freidrich") N/GAR Plot/17
JACKSON, Jared . (Carried on Town Clerk Registerof Civil War Soldiers as "Jerrod") F/13/
KENNEDY, Gilbert P/40/
KIESS, Henry N/GAR Plot/14
LEWIS, Charles Union College//
LUFFMAN, Erastus M/94/
MARLETTE, George D/56/

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