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Name Sec/Plot/Grave
Barhyte, James G 117 JB
Bariteau, CP baby 221
Barkder, Saeah (Sarah?) M1 160 SB
Barker, Angeline N 47 AB
Barker, Ann E. G 73 AB
Barker, Bertie G 75 BB
Barker, Bessie I 48 BB
Barker, Camillus I1 C 11
Barker, Charles CB CB Cba
Barker, Edward CG 5 41
Barker, Elizabeth K 21 4
Barker, Gertrude I 48 GB
Barker, Hannah I 48 HB
Barker, Hannah I 48 HB
Barker, Harriet G 75 HB
Barker, Henry I 48 HB
Barker, Ira N 47 IB
Barker, James M1 160 JB
Barker, Jonathan I 48 JB
Barker, Joshua G 73 JB
Barker, Joshua G 75 JB
Barker, Lincoln K 21 LB
Barker, Mamie G 75 MB
Barker, May M1 160 MB
Barker, Rachel G 73 RB
Barker, Theodore I 48 TB
Barker, Theodosia I 48 TB
Barker, William M1 160 WB
Barker, William M1 160 WB
Barker, William WB WB WB
Barkley, baby boy CP 21 43
Barkley, Cornelius M1 44A CB
Barkley, Daniel M1 44A DB
Barkley, Eliza M1 42 EB
Barkley, Sr. 36
Barkley, Jane M1 42 JB
Barkley, John M1 42 JB
Barkley, John M1 42 JB
Barkley, Lillie M1 42 LB
Barkley, Mary M1 42 MB
Barkley, Richard M1 42 RB
Barkley, Robert M1 42 RB
Barkley, Rose M1 42 RB
Barkley, Ruth M1 44A RB
Barkley, Ruth M1 42 RB
Barkley, William M1 42 WB
Barkley, William CG WB WB
Barkley0Thomas, Khalil AN 52 3
Barkman, baby girl L4B 9 bB
Barlkey, Fred M1 42 FB
Barlow, Elizabeth L3 50 EB
Barlow, George L3 50 6
Barlow, H. HB HB HB
Barlow, James L3 50 JB
Barlow, Lena L3 50 5
Barlow, Ralph CP 20 35
Barly ?, Willie WB WB WB
Barnard, Delia L2 232 DB
Barnard, Everton L2 51 EB
Barnard, George SWV GB GB
Barnard, Harvey L2 232 HB
Barnard, Harvey L2 232 HB
Barnard, Harvey L2 51 HB
Barnard, Jocob JB JB JB
Barnard, Nellie G 104 NB
Barnard, Mrs. Rosa G 104 RB
Barnard, Sarah L2 51 SB
Barnard, Walter G 104 WB
Barnard, Walter D 49 WB
Barnard, Wheeler F 33 14
Barnes, Cornelia M1 2 CB
Barnes, Edward U 195 EB
Barnes, Helen L3 166-173 HB
Barnes, Leah L3 422 4
Barnes, Raymond L3 422 RB
Barnett, Amanda M 111 AB
Barnett, Bertha U 280 BB
Barnett, Emeline M 111 EB
Barnett, Ella L2 16 EB
Barnett, F Fb Fb Fb
Barnett, Lucy L2 157a LB
Barnett, Samuel L2 16 SB
Barnett, Sandy I 81 SB
Barnett, Thomas M 111 TB
Barnett, William M 111 WB
Barnett, William L2 16 WB
Barnett, Rilya L4 baby RB
Barney, Albert AB AB AB
Barney, Dency DB DB DB
Barney, Earl T 31 EB
Barney, Frank FB FB FB
Barney, Howland . T 31 HB
Barney, Sarah T 31 SB
Barnhart, Mary I2 59 MB
Barnhill, Alexander M4 1 93
Barnhill, Ella M4 1 92
Barnum, John CG 9 66
Barnum, Sophia U 297 SB
Baroty, Bertalan CG 3 25
Barque, Frank M1 72 FB

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